Injector cleaning and testing

We have a full in-house ASNU system to clean and test injectors. Cleaner injectors work more efficiently, giving better performance. Poor injectors can lead to engine damage.

Symptoms that suggest your injectors may be dirty or blocked:

  • Poor idling.
  • Light throttle, surging or bucking.
  • Denotation (knocking or pinging), causing possible engine damage.
  • Low speed hesitation and surging issues.
  • Emission problems.
  • Loss of performance.
  • Increased fuel consumption.

Symptoms of leaky injectors:

  • Difficulty starting, especially when hot.
  • Poor idling.
  • Emission problems.
  • Increased fuel consumption.
  • Exhaust odour.

Why do injectors need cleaning?

GDI machine | Abbey MotorsportModern fuels are a complex blend of hydrocarbons and additives, many of which evaporate at different temperatures. Each time a hot engine is shutdown (heat soak), a small amount of gasoline is left on the tip of the each injector. Since the engine temperature is now above 200 degrees Fahrenheit, the more volatile compounds in the fuel evaporates and the less volatile elements dry on the injector tip and form solids. As time goes on, these accumulations grow and start affecting the injector spray pattern and fuel distribution.

Both turbo and supercharged engines are very tough on injectors. This is due to the higher intake temperatures and turbo oil getting past the seals where it deposits on the injector tips.

Older engines with worn rings and valve guides also contribute to the build-up. This blow-by gets introduced into the intake by the PCV system.

Failure to change the fuel filter and allowing moisture in the gas tank both have detrimental effects on the injectors. Rust can deposit itself below the injector filter and can cause serious problems.

Concerned you may need an injector service? Contact us to discuss your car's symptoms.