New gear box cooler for the TLM 350z race car

TLM gear box cooler

Having raced a number of sprint races without an oil cooler when this customer brought the car to Abbey it was immediately apparent that an oil cooler was top of the list. It is imperitive when preparing a car for track that it is safe and healthy and maintained that way. In order to give the customer more time on track in addition to a few other modifications we recommended a Mocal Oil Cooler.

Mocal have earned their reputation as being incredibly efficient and reliable, from both their Motorsport background and Abbey's experience in using their products and huge BHP cars it was the right choice.

This specific cooler is a 13 row 2" thick model allowing for quite a compact fit but still with excellent cooling capabilities, we decided to mount the cooler at a 45 deg angle at the front of the car positioned above the main radiator in order to not obstruct any air flow to the rest of the car and engine. This involved building a black chute device fabricated onsite and bolted onto the front crash barrier securely.

In testing the customer saw an immediate drop in oil temperature and running the car for extended periods of time was still within acceptable limits. This allowed the car to do 1 hour endurance events with no issues at all, with an alarm hooked up into the dash to alert immediately if there are any temperature spikes or if the cooler stops functioning.