Project GTST - Brams Racing

Project GTST started life as a bog standard Nissan Skyline 2.5L turbo GTST. The car was imported into the UK in 2003 from Japan & the only modification was an aftermarket set of white AVS Alloy wheels. 
 The GTST version was often considered to be the "ugly duckling" of the Nissan Skyline stable & it's brother the 4wd GTR the "racehorse".

 The reason I pursued the opportunity with the GTST was a love of being the "underdog" & actually the reality that in drag racing certainly a well prepared RWD car will always show a clean pair of heels to any FWD or 4WD car as seen by all the RWD Top fuelers & Pro Mod cars. 

Project GTST is now offically the worlds fastest Skyline doing a record 1/4 mile pass in only 7.451 seconds at 187mph!