Upgrade your Toyota GT86 or Subaru BRZ

Abbey Motorsport GT86 at Brands Hatch

For all your Toyota GT86 or Subaru BRZ needs!

From the basics to forced induction upgrades - we are now servicing and upgrading Toyota GT86s and Subaru BRZs.

  • Suspension and brakes upgrades

The standard suspension does not do the chassis justice by a long way, with our in house team of experts and the HAWK eye alignment computer we can give, fit and adjust suspension for whatever your needs, be that full on track prep  or simply fast road use. The brakes can also be improved dramatically at a relatively low cost giving better road use or even lap after lap on the track.

  • EcuTek re-mapping

EcuTek are well renowned for their expertise in ECU management and the GT86/BRZ is no exception - using EcuTek we can enable such features as Map Switching, Launch Control, Flat-foot Shiting, Throttle Auto-blip, Speed Density and Custom Maps to suite your needs.

  • Sprintex SC authorised dealers

By far the best option for going forced induction on your GT86 or BRZ, we have commited to using this kit and being one of the first in the UK to supply and fit and support this modification on your vehicle. The Sprintex SC kit makes the engine come alive and makes the car feel and go like it looks. Offering great power delivery throught the entire rev range this is a really useable modification even on a daily commuter - like ours!

  • In-house Dynapack dyno

We believe that having the best equipment to do the job benifits both customers and ourselves as we can trust the results. By using the Dynapak in 2wd or 4wd mode we can find any flat spots in torque and bhp and make sure the car makes the right power safely whilst making sure you get the most out of the modifications.